3G Mobile Inc. We have 15 years of knowledge and experience. We are the experts!



We have been in Salem since 1996. We love fixing phones, ipods, and tablets, we even do Unlocking / Flashing on cell phone along with PC work as well. We do all this at a great price also. All of our work and parts come with 60 day warranty. 


Used Or Refurbished Phones

We have a great selection of  used, refurbished, and new phones that are Contract Free. We also get phones everday as well. So if you are just wanting to get a new phones to replace the one you lost or dont want to repair, we keep a good number of At&t, Tmobile, Verizon, and Cricket phones. If we dont have what you want keep checking back are inventory changes daily.


All phone have been checked for good clean ESN's and in good working order. If you have any issues we have a 30 day warranty, with all used and refurbished phones. What about the chargers you ask? We say no problem all phones come with chargers as well.


(Warranty, Return Policy can be found on a Policy Terms and Conditions Page)

Sell Your Used Phones

Don't let your old phones collect dust, get cash now. We buy any good used At&t, Tmobile, Verizon, and Cricket phones. We buy on any day of the week. Bring them in to see how much you can get.

ID is required for us to buy anything, Phones must be in working order to get the most money, also phones must be looked at to give any kind of quotes.

Batteries \ Chargers



Have a older phone and can't find the charger or battery for?  We stock a lot of the older chargers and batteris for the older and newer phones. If we dont have them we can order it.


We will have an Accessory Page  Coming Soon

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Salem OR 97302 


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