●     Warranty:    


Used/Refurbished Phones         

       • 90 day (with proof of purchase)


       • 30 day over-the-counter exchange


      • 1 year (with proof of purchase) after 90 days warranty covers part, but dose not cover labor charge of $20 to $65


H20 Repairs           

      • No Warranty. Fee covers labor and chemical services. This is NOT a Guaranteed                    repair. 


Rooting or modifying stock OS or firmware Voids ALL warranties 


Warranty does not cover H20 damage, physical damage, and unauthorized tampering or repair. A copy of the sales order (Receipt) is REQUIRED for any phone or repair that is brought back into the store for warranty, with out the receipt there is No warranty. We are not responsible for you holding on to your receipt.



●    Unlocking:    Designed for multi-sim card use only. No (MMS) multi-media service provided. 3G Mobile is not Responsible for black listed phones or Icloud locked phones. No refunds are applicable if device is black listed before or during unlock process.  Unlocks are Non-Cancellable. Refunds only if code is not found in server.



●     Memory Transfer:   We are not responsible for data that is lost upon transfer due to H20 damage, physical damage, or pre-existing software issues.


●     Special Orders:     NO RETURNS. NO CANCELLATIONS. NO EXCEPTIONS.  Special orders left unclaimed after 30 days forfeit all deposits and become  property of 3G Mobile, Inc.


●     Returns:      Accessories only; within 15 days including all original packaging. A 15% restocking fee applies.


●     Labor Charge:      Minimum $20/$35 non-refundable charge. Fee covers technician labor including but not limited to; cleaning, aligning, testing, re-soldering, and or chemical  processing.


●     Unclaimed Repairs:     Repairs left unclaimed after 30 days from date of service become property of 3G Mobile, Inc. Includes partial or fully paid repairs.


3G Mobile, Inc. reserves the right to refuse service(s) to anyone who does not agree to any or all conditions of the service(s) to be provided.

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